The Dolls, Expanded Cinema Version

Conversations At the Edge
November 19, 2015
Gene Siskel Theater, Chicago
The School of the Art Institute

Since the late 1980s, Claudia Hart has used computer generated images (CGI) and 3D simulation technology to construct and alter virtual worlds. In the last two decades, she's consistently used the technology to produce artworks that counter this male-dominated arena. Where Rockstar Games produces worlds of adrenaline-fueled rampage, Hart creates set-pieces of reverie and reflection—meditating on time and sensuality by way of the female body. In recent years Hart has recast these themes in a series of collaborative performances that project 3D animations directly onto participants. This version of the Dolls was created specifically for The Siskel Theater in “expanded cinema” theatrical format. The focus is therefore on a single dancer and the visuals also focus on the strobing graphical patterns, a single element of the original five-dancer version.

Music: Kurt Hentschläger
Choreography and Performance:
Kristina Isabelle
Interactive Design: Liviu Pasare

The Dolls was created 2015 and is a live performance using projection mapping in multiple formats, 10 minutes.

Text: Amy Beste, Curator for the Conversations At the Edge series at the Gene Siskel Theater in Chicago.