Beneath The Veil
Upfor Gallery, Portland
December 1, 2016 – January 24, 2017

Beneath the Veil tumblr

Beneath the Veil was an exhibition at Upfor gallery in Portland, Oregon, December 1, 2016 to January 24, 2017. Some of this work was also shown at Untitled Art Fair, December, 2016, in Miami.

The Veils are a new body of work, dye transfer prints on heavy 50-mm. taffeta silk. These veils are bodies, not just a body as in art, but the physical human body - the veil through which we perceive the real. There is, however, no real way to pass beneath it because this veil is vision and we are only its vehicles. To lie beneath the veil, therefore, is a paradoxical and so an impossible state.

The Optic Veils are in orange and purple, based on Optic Nude, a 23-minute installation-based animation I made in 2014. Among the Veils is also a collaborative work, The Rainbow, also shown in Miami, created with Brenna Murphy, another dye transfer print on heavy taffeta, floating above our Prism wallpaper, also co-designed.

Among the works exhibited the Untitled Art Fair are also “kryptonite” sculptures, made using a new process in which ABS plastic prints that have been chromed, stained and lacquered, and are on cast black rubber bases.

Included in Beneath the Veil were some thematically connected older works. A clockwork animation called The Swing comes from 2004-06. The Princess Dresses are colored sculptures on brilliantly colored wood pedestals, from 2015. They are made from ABS plastic, and are unique rapid-prototype prints based on the gowns worn by Princess Maria Theresa, the last Hapsburg dynasty princess, modeled after a series of portraits painted by Diego Velasquez in the 17th century.