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+ “Caress,» 3 Channel 3D Animation Video Object, 2011

+ “Empire,» 4 Channel 3D Animation Installation, 2010

+ “Dream,” single channel projection, 7 minutes_14second loop, music: Edmund Campion, 2009

+ “The Seasons,” 11 minutes_7second loop, sound design: Claudia Hart, 2009

+ “Ophelia,” 2008, Single-channel Animation. 10-minute 3D animated loop, available as high-definition animation video-object or large-scale projected installation. Sound design: Claudia Hart

+ “Noh-timeGarden,” 2007, two-channel 3D animation screen-based installation or two-channel video-object. Custom audio software and sound design by Hans-Christoph Steiner, vocals by Claudia Hart.

+ “The Swing,” 2006, central channel both of the 3-channel video-object and the 5-channel surround-installation

+ “The Swing,” 2006, 3D animation in two versions: 5-channel surround-installation or 3-channel video-object, with sound by Kurt Hentschlaeger

+ “Machina,” life-sized video installation, 3-minutes excerpted from a 20 minute piece, 2006